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1. How do I deposit money?

In order to deposit money, you should sign in to your account. On your profile page, on the left side “my account” section you have to choose “my wallet” folder and click “deposit”. There you will find a wide range of deposit methods to pay with. You just have to sign in to your relevant payment system.


2. Can I delete or change my prediction?

You can delete and change your prediction as long as it has not been approved by a moderator. After the completion of approval by the moderator, you will not be able to delete or change your prediction.


3.What happens with my funds/ money if I cancel my predictions?

You can cancel your predictions and get a full refund as long as the moderator has not approved/ modified your prediction. After approving your prediction you are not able to cancel it.


4. How do I create prediction?

In order to create a prediction you have to register on our website www.betonpolitics.com. After completing your registration you can either add your prediction on the basis of the political articles shared on the website, or you can independently add your own prediction on a subject that you want.


5. How do I place a bet?

First, you should sign in to your profile or have a registration on our website www.betonpolitics.com. After successfully complementing this stage, you should check out the “Predictions” slider on the right and click on the subject you want to bet on. You can bet on more than one prediction. Otherwise, on the main column of the website you can see articles provided by us and licensed by Euronews. Each article has a check prediction button. You can either bet on other people’s predictions or come up with your own ones and bet on them. While betting you are offering an amount of money for “AGREE” or “DISAGREE” sections as a bet and finally clicking the accept button if you are sure of your decision on the amount.


6. How much money will I get from my successful prediction?

If you add a prediction (not a bet) you get money according to your user category on our website (see terms and conditions). Rookies get 10%, Proficients get 13%, Experts get 17% and Political Gurus get 20% of the overall winning bet.


7. Why is my prediction being moderated?

All predictions are being moderated. Some of the predictions are being also edited in order to be made measurable, grammatically correct and pertinent.


8. How long does it take to accept my prediction?

The confirmation of your prediction is usually done within 24 hours after you create it.


9. What is the minimum amount of bet on one prediction?

The minimum amount of bet is the equivalent to 1 euro. There is no limit on a maximum amount of bet.


10. How betting works and what are the odds?

The total amount of money, which was put as a bet by the side that lost is distributed between the winning side users (opponents). The money that the winning side wins is accumulated according to the each user’s betting amount. The more money you place as a bet, the more you win if your side (AGREE/DISAGREE) wins.


11. When are the bets settled?

The game ends with a deadline. Under each article, there is a notification appearing (expired prediction). The process may be interrupted in regard to how the political events unfold.From our local program the content managers stop the game at its deadline, and again dependent on that specific topic development, the winner side is announced (AGREE/DISAGREE).



12. How DISQUS works?

DISQUS is a platform enabling you to discover some of the best discussions happening in the community from breaking news and politics to films. There is a discussion for just about any topic.

In connection to www.betonpolitics.com DISQUS sends notifications to your email about the replies and counter comment you may get by other users.


13. How to start a discussion?

In order to start a debate you should click on the article of your preference. By scrolling down you will see the “comments” section, where there will appear a line with the sentence “start the discussion…”. Before starting a discussion you have to choose which social network you would like to choose while debating. Currently the available options are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.


14. What percentage take out does Betonpolitics take as a profit from each bet?

Betonpolitics takes 7% as a profit from each prediction result.


15. What are the characteristics of the four status levels on www.betonpolitics.com?

There are 4 levels of the users on the website. In order to achieve this statuses you have to show activity and be engaged in public discussions. Here are the four levels – Rookies, Proficients, Experts and Political Gurus. Rookies are beginners on our website. Those users who have at least 10 predictions are Rookies. Proficients are the users with at least 20 predictions. Experts have to have 50 political predictions. Political Gurus, are the advanced users on the website, who have 100 plus predictions and benefit from higher percentage of revenue. (Rookies get 10%, Proficients get 13%, Experts get 17% and Political Gurus get 20% of the overall winning bet.)


16. How do I climb up the user levels?

If you want to acquire a status, first, you have to make sure that there are both AGREE and DISAGREE bets on your predictions. After insuring this, for gaining the first stage – Rookie, you have to have 10 predictions with AGREE and DISAGREE bets. For climbing up to the second – Proficient level, you have to have 20 predictions, again having both AGREE and DISAGREE bets on each. In order to achieve the third user level, you have to have 50 predictions with bets both on AGREE and DISAGREE choices. Finally, in order to become a Political Guru, which is the highest user level on our platform, you should have 100 political predictions at least having AGREE and DISAGREE bets.