Oxfam International Chairman Juan Alberto Fuentes arrested

Oxfam International Chairman Juan Alberto Fuentes was arrested on Tuesday amid a local corruption probe, according to Guatemala's Attorney General's Office.
Fuentes, Guatemala's former finance minister, was appointed as chairman of Oxfam International in 2015.
In a statement at the time, the NGO said the appointment "coincides with a time of institutional change within Oxfam as it reorganizes its confederation to become a more global, stream-lined and influential one."
“I am excited by the chance to help shape Oxfam’s changes as it seeks to become an even more innovative force around the world, especially in using its knowledge with partners and allies to make a greater impact on global development issues. These changes will further the organization’s core goals that remain to reduce poverty and inequality, and help people to seize the opportunities of making better lives," Fuentes said in 2015.
The source: Euronews