Valentine’s Day: to Russia with love — from the EU

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Moscow's alleged meddling in European elections means relations with Brussels are at an all-time low.
But, while there are tit-for-tat economic sanctions still in place between the two, the romantic flame has seemingly not entirely gone out.
For the EU sends more freshly-cut roses to Russia than anywhere else in the world, according to figures released ahead of Valentine’s Day.
Eurostat says of non-EU countries, Russia was the primary destination of the bloc’s roses between January and October last year.
There were €62 million worth of the flowers sent Russia’s way, which represents 45% of the EU’s exports to countries outside the community.
The next biggest non-EU market was Switzerland (€28 million or 31% of exports) followed by Norway (€4 million) and Belarus (€3 million).
The source: Euronews