Will Rod Rosenstein resign after the meeting with Trump?

Will Rod Rosenstein resign after the meeting with Trump?

Deputy Attorney General - Rod Rosenstein's fate remained in doubt as Donald Trump postponed the meeting till next week.


According to The New York Times Rosenstein suggested invoking the 25th Amendment against Trump last year when the White House had been plunged into a chaos after firing FBI Director James Comey. He also proposed to secretly record the president to gather evidence of his erratic behavior.


Rosenstein's fate could affect the future of the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election. The inquiry is led by Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller who was appointed by Rosenstein and whose work is managed by Deputy Attorney General.


Though some Tramp allies have demanded Rosenstein's removal, his dismissal would almost certainly generate the condemnations from lawmakers suspicious that Trump's real goal was to fire Mueller.
Source: USA Today