Will center-right opposition win in Quebec general election?

Voters in Canadian French-speaking Quebec province are deciding region's near political course in October 1 general election.
The political battle this year is set to become a nose-to-nose race between the long-dominant Liberals and a center-right party as the anti-immigration sentiment is rising in Canada.
The opposition ran on a sensitive question of how many outsiders should be let into the predominantly French-speaking and traditionally conservative region. The center-right coalition of Francois Legault, a business executive, suggested to decrease that number down to 10000 and to increase border control to prevent illegal migrants from crossing through from the neighboring US.
Legault is known for strict critique of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his liberal policies and welcoming attitude to migrants and refugees.
A CAQ win would follow a shift to the right in Ontario, where Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government swept to power in June, ending 15 years of Liberal rule in Canada’s most populous province, which includes Toronto.


The source: Reuters