Will Canadian company deliver the rifles to Ukraine until September 11?

Canada’s PGW Defense Technologies company will deliver sniper rifles to Ukraine, the Ottawa Citizen daily wrote.
"In an interview with Ukrainian media outlet, UATV, Ross Spagrud, the owner of Winnipeg-based PGW Defense Technologies, confirmed that the firm is providing Ukraine with the LRT-3, .50 BMG bolt action rifle. He said the deal is worth around $1 million," the newspaper said.
The Global Affairs department of the Canadian government "has declined to provide any details, stating it must protect the commercial interests of the firm involved." However, the office of Canadian parliament member James Bezan said that Global Affairs Canada had approved the sale last week. In May, Bezan on behalf of Canada’s Conservative Party called on the ruling Liberal Party to start supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine.
In the autumn of 2017, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said following a meeting with Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko that Ottawa may supply lethal weapons to Kiev. Around 200 Canadian instructors have been deployed to Ukraine as part of the Unifier operation to train Ukrainian military personnel.

The Source: TASS