Will Kim Jong-un agree to meet Japans' Abe?

In a recent interview to Japanese Sankei newspaper Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announces that he is ready to meet the North Korean leader without preconditions to hold ''frank discussions''. Abe himself described the move as a means of overcoming the long-lasting mutual mistrust between Tokio and Pyongyang.
PM's remarks came after his meeting with the US president Donald Trump in Washington where Abe thanked Trump for raising the topic of Japanese people abducted by North Korea.
“That’s why I would like to meet him without setting preconditions and hold frank discussions. I hope he’s a leader who can determine flexibly and strategically what is best for his country,” Abe was quoted as saying.
Japan is the only regional power involved in North Korea nuclear crisis yet to have its leader meet the DPRK's leader. The last meeting between the leaders of Japan and North Korea was in 2004, when the Japanese prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi, met Kim’s late father, Kim Jong-il.
The source: Reuters