Will the USA grant Aasia Bibi asylum?

Ashiq Masih, husband of a Pakistani Christian woman Aasia Bibi, who was recently acquited in a blasphemy case has pleaded for international help to leave the country, saying he feared for his family's safety.
Bibi, 53, who had been on death row since 2010 on blasphemy charges, was acquitted by the Supreme Court on Wednesday, which ignited massive protests of Pakistan's Muslim population. Many activists have called for assasination of Bibi and her family.
The government reached a deal on Friday to end the protests by agreeing to put Bibi on an "exit control list", and saying it would not object to Muslim groups appealing the verdict.
Aasia's husband Ashiq Masih criticised the government deal, saying it was "wrong".
"I request [US] President Donald Trump to help us leave [the country], and I request the prime minister of the UK to do their level best to help us, to grant us freedom," Masih said in a video message, according to news agencies.
"I also request the prime minister of Canada," he said.
Wilson Chowdhry, of the British Pakistani Christian Association, told the AFP news agency that Masih also wants asylum for some members of his extended family.
Blasphemy is a sensitive subject in Pakistan, where the country's strict laws prescribe a mandatory death penalty for some forms of the crime.
Increasingly, blasphemy allegations have led to murders and mob lynchings, with at least 74 people killed in such violence since 1990
The source: Aljazeera