Will Netanyahu's Likud party gain the majority in legislative elections?

After dissolving Knesset in late December 2018, the Parliament of Israel set general elections on April 9, 2019.   


There are 13 biggest political parties in the country competing at the ballot box: Netanyahu's Likud, Blue and White coalition led by former chief of staff Benny Gantz, The New Right, Jewish Home-Jewish Power, Israel Beiteinu, Kulanu, Zehut, Labor, Meretz, etc.  
Likud and the Blue and White are virtually tied in the polls, with both expected to pick up somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 seats. The party that receives the most seats will have a few months to cobble together a governing majority coalition of at least 61 seats. Both Likud and Blue and White would likely try and do so by allying with center-right (and in Likud’s case, some far-right) parties.
Source: The Times of Israel 




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