Will Juan Guaido be arrested?

The leader of Venezuela's opposition prepares to reenter the country despite threat of arrest. 
Juan Guaido could be arrested when he returns to Venezuela after he traveled to Colombia to work on efforts to remove the ruling Maduro's regime. 

During the last week, Guaido has held meeting with other regional leaders: Presidents of Colombia and Peru, and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence. 
“We do not assume this commitment to fight from the outside, and for that reason, I will soon be in Venezuela to exercise my duties as President,” Guaidó wrote on Twitter. “I will circulate audio with the next instructions. I ask you to widely disseminate our message. Nothing will stop us.”
In interview to CNN, 35-year-old politician also said, that he coub be arrested after his return, but for him, such a move would only further mobilize opposition to the socialist regime. 
The Source: The Washington Post, CNN