Will EU leaders meet Zarif for talking about Iran Nuclear deal?

Iran's Foreign Minister Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif told Euronews that the European Union can do more to bring about peace and stability in the Middle East, and needs to back-up its commitments with actions.
"What we need from the Europeans is both the political commitment, which they have made, now we need to see the measures in place on the ground, not simply in writing, not simply in words — in the banking sector, in the investment sector, in the energy sector, in the transportation sector, in the SME sector," he said.
"I believe generally Europe is underestimating its power and its influence, we believe that it should be more active in regional peace and security, in international peace and security as well as in promoting a greater cooperation and dialogue".
Dr Zarif went on to say that Tehran has a good relationship with Russia and the Syrian government but blames the US for supporting the so called Islamic State.
The Source: Euronews