Will  Ulf Kristersson be elected as Swedish prime minister?

Will Ulf Kristersson be elected as Swedish prime minister?

Sweden's parliament will vote next week on whether centre-right, Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson will become prime minister, the Speaker said on Monday.


The speaker of Sweden's parliament Andreas Norlén, said he would put forward the proposal next Monday in an effort to break political deadlock that has lasted for eight weeks. This gives the centre-right leader seven days to meet with Sweden's other party leaders and try to form a workable coalition.


Then, parliament will vote on the proposal on Wednesday at the earliest, the day before a debate on this year's budget. 


It is not essential for a majority in parliament to support a government proposal, but it will fail if a majority vote against it. If they cannot agree, a new election shall be held within three months. However, this has never happened because parliament has always approved the first proposal.


But Norlén admitted he is not sure if that will be the case this time.


The source: Euronews