Will the  Parliament vote for the expansion of Heathrow

Will the Parliament vote for the expansion of Heathrow

As British MPs prepare to vote on a government proposition to expand London’s Heathrow Airport, the internet is searching for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who has previously promised to oppose the plans.
Johnson, who represents a constituency in west London near the airport, once said he would lie in front of the bulldozers to prevent a third runway being built on the site. However, Prime Minister Theresa May has said he will be representing the UK at an unspecified location abroad when the vote takes place.
Johnson’s colleague and fellow west London MP, Greg Hands, resigned his position as international trade minister in order to vote against the measures, which he feels would have a negative impact on local people.
Twitter users launched appeals to try to locate Johnson, a polarizing political figure, who has come under increased scrutiny since his high-profile campaign for Brexit.
Meanwhile, Johnson defended his decision to keep his post to the Evening Standard, claiming his “resignation would have achieved absolutely nothing.”
The discussion over how to increase airport capacity in the south-east of England has been controversial for years. The government finally decided to back the results of an Airport Commission's report saying that increasing the size of Heathrow, already the country’s biggest airport, was the best option to solve west London’s high unemployment rates:
“Expansion at Heathrow would drive a substantial increase in employment at and around the airport,” the report reads.
The Source: Euronews