Will the Christian Social Union gather the majority of seats in Bavarian Parliament?

The Bavarian state elections will be held on 14 October 2018 to elect 180 members of the 18th Landtag of Bavaria.
Angela Merkel’s conservative allies in the German state of Bavaria are facing losses in regional elections as their support is eroded by far-right populists.
The Christian Social Union (CSU), which has enjoyed six decades of dominance in the state, is predicted to suffer heavy losses in the vote on 14 October.
A recent opinion poll predicted the CSU could lose nearly 13 percentage points as voters flock to the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD).
Support for the CSU stood at 35 per cent in the infratest-dimap poll, compared to the 47.7 per cent it won in the last regional election in 2013.
The poll showed the AfD on 11 per cent, which would be enough to enter the Bavarian state parliament for the first time.
Source: Deutsche Welle