Will Macedonian parliament vote for the constitutional amendments?

Will Macedonian parliament vote for the constitutional amendments?

Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev has started to hold meetings with leaders of political parties in order to provide the votes needed for the constitutional amendments to change the country's name on "North Macedonia".
Accdording to Zaev, he is optimistic that required majority will be secured in Parliament vote. 
“We will know the final number on the day of the vote. The session is scheduled for January 9, and according to the statements from the opposition regarding their presence, I expect the hearing to last for two to three days. The act of voting will show the outcome of the debate, the adoption of amendments, remarks, etc. Talks with political parties will continue, tomorrow I have a meeting with Bela Kasami from the Besa Movement and I am glad that Albanian parties from the opposition bloc like Besa and the Alliance of Albanians support NATO and EU accession unambiguously,” Zaev said in response to a journalist’s question.


At the same time Macedonia's president Gjorge Ivanov has urged parliament to reject a deal with Greece and name changing constitutional amendments. 


The Source: European Western Balkans, ABC News