Will Greece stop the extension of forest fire until Friday 27?

A group of twenty-six people have been found dead after being trapped by wildfires near a Greek resort town, bringing the death toll in the area to 50.
The bodies were found near a restaurant on the coast, the mayor Rafina-Pikermioy, Vaggelis Bournous, said. Overnight authorities had counted twenty-four other victims of the inferno that engulfed the resort town of Mati and its surrounding area.
More than 100 have been injured in the most devastating wildfires the country has suffered in more than a decade.
Hundreds of homes and vehicles have been burned out in parched conditions caused by the summer heatwave.
Most of the victims who died had been trapped in their homes or vehicles and residents in the area are being urged to leave their properties without delay.
The Source:  Euronews