Will Germany change migration policy?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition is under threat because of a major row over migrants with her interior minister, the CSU's Horst Seehofer. He wants German border police to turn back all asylum seekers without the correct documentation at the border.
Merkel's CDU party have backed her view that a new deal should be agreed at EU level. She thinks going it alone would further damage relations with Italy and Greece, who have carried the greatest burden of refugees since the crisis began.
Typically, migrants enter Europe through Italy, cross over to Austria and are blocked at the German border and then sent back to Austria. Seehofer's policy would stop that, let Germany take in the migrants, and then have them returned directly to Italy.
As a minister, Seehofer could take the decision alone but that would risk fracturing the coalition and lead to early elections. The crisis also highlights ongoing public concern over immigration and the impact of Merkel's liberal 2015 strategy.
The source: Euronews