Romania flag gaffes: Iceland flag mistaken for UK's in official meeting

In a meeting with the mayor of the Romanian city of Buzau, the UK ambassador was seated beside the flag of Iceland instead of the United Kingdom.
The photo of the visit was posted to the Facebook account of the mayor of Buzau, Constantin Toma, but was later removed.
This is the second blunder made while hosting UK Ambassador Paul Brummell.
Less than two weeks ago, Romanian local officials greeted the ambassador with the wrong flag. This time it was an obsolete design of the UK flag — one that has not been used for more than 200 years — that accompanied the official meeting.
The gaffe occurred only a day after another flag blunder at the opening ceremony of the Estonian consulate in the Romanian city port of Constanta. It was the Estonian national flag wrongly positioned, hoisted upside down, prompting a reaction from the Estonian prime minister, who intervened to correct the mistake.
The source: Euronews