Will Carles Puigdemont go to Madrid to bid for EU parliament?

Will Carles Puigdemont go to Madrid to bid for EU parliament?

The former leader of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont expressed desire to take a seat in the EU parliament, and the resent  polls indicate that he has good chances for that. This move has already been greeted by many supporters of Catalonian independence movement, but a question of legality naturally arises around Puigdemont's bid after his escape to Belgium over charges of separatism. 
 the legal services of the European Parliament indicates that he must go to Madrid to be sworn in. 

"In the case of Puigdemont, he has to go to Madrid and swear to the Spanish Constitution before the Central Electoral Board, otherwise he will not be an MEP," says lawyer Ignasi Guardans. 

And in that case he could be arrested, as even if elected he wouldn’t have political immunity. 

"There is no immunity until the status of elected deputy is acquired and that is acquired after swearing the Constitution in person in Madrid," says Guardans.
There is also the question of which parliamentary group he would join. The Liberals expelled him citing corruption cases in which his political party has been implicated.
The source: Euronews