Will Belgium succeed to form a coalition in June?

Will Belgium succeed to form a coalition in June?

The split between the Dutch speakers in the north and French speakers in the south is deepened after the elections in Belgium. 


The far-right Vlaams Belang booked a huge win in Belgium's triple election Sunday, offsetting losses by parties in Prime Minister Charles Michel's outgoing government coalition.


The success has raised questions over whether the cordon sanitaire, an agreement between all of Belgium's parties not to enter into talks with Vlaams Belang, can survive.


After Belgian elections, the monarch meets representatives of the parties before naming one to lead talks in search of a coalition. If that nominated person fails, the King or Queen names another from a different party and so on.


The N-VA has not ruled out holding talks with Vlaams Belang and the recognition by King Philippe of their huge success has stoked fears among French-speaking Belgians, who are also hurt by their rejection by the Flemish electorate.


It's a hard time ahead for Belgium to form a new coalition.


Source: France 24