Will Sudan form two transitional councils?

Will Sudan form two transitional councils?

Due to the continued deadlock between Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) and protest leaders’ mediators facilitating talks have proposed the country have two transitional councils, one led by the generals overseeing security and the other by civilians.


The two sides have clashed over their respective visions for the future and the composition of a future transitional government and the powers’ different parts of the proposed authority would hold.


Omar Al Digeir, a senior opposition leader and member of the umbrella protest group the Alliance for Freedom and Change, said a future military council, which will comprise some civilians too, will be responsible for the country’s security, the Daily Monitor reported.


However, the exact responsibilities of both councils have yet to be decided as no final decisions have been taken yet.


Digeir said the mediators, comprising businessmen, journalists and other prominent figures from Sudanese society, have proposed an overall package that includes not just the proposed two councils, but also how an executive and legislative body would work in a post-Omar Al Bashir era.


Meanwhile, thousands of protesters remain encamped outside army headquarters in the capital Khartoum, continuing to demand that the current 10-member TMC be replaced by a civilian administration.


So far the TMC has shown little willingness for handing over power.



Source: The Citizen