Will EU condemn using of violence in Zimbabwe?

Will EU condemn using of violence in Zimbabwe?

Three people have been killed in Zimbabwe's capital Harare after forces opened fire on hundreds of opposition protesters amid rising tension over the presidential election, police said.
Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba told state broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) that the three people killed in the clashes had yet to be identified.


The government said the army was deployed in the capital on Wednesday to help police restore order, as protesters took to the streets, accusing the electoral commission of rigging the vote in favour of the ruling party.


The unrest started soon after Nelson Chamisa, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), declared that he had won the popular vote.
After burning tyres in the streets, scores of his supporters attacked riot police near the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) headquarters, as officers responded with tear gas and water cannons.
The Source: Euronews