Will conflicting sides in Sudan agree on a transitional authority?

A new round of talks is being held on Monday between Sudan's ruling Military Transitional Council (MTC) and the opposition to agree on the formation of a new transitional authority, which is supposed to engulf diverse unions and syndicates from all political backgrounds. Following the country's former president Omar al-Bashir's toppling on April 11, the protest movement continued demanding a handover of power to the civilian administration, despite MTC's pledge to lead a two-year ''transitional period''.
Other points of contention included disagreements over the new body’s composition, with the military adamant that 10 of the 15 members hail from its ranks. 

Talks between the two were brought to a halt over the opposition’s reservations about members of the old guard taking part in the negotiations.
The Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) announced on Sunday that the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces, a leading opposition group, will meet the ruling Military Transitional Council (MTC) for a third time to set out the two groups’ prerogatives for the short term. 
The source: Aljazeera