Will Cameroon's current president Paul Biya be reelected on October 7?

Cameroon’s president Paul Biya issued a decree on Monday saying a presidential election will be held on October 7, amidst a worsening security situation in the Southwest and Northwest Anglophone regions.
President Paul Biya, 85, who has been in power for close to 36 years has not announced whether he will run for a seventh re-election, but in May his party says he is their “natural” candidate.
“Paul Biya is our candidate in the next presidential election, given his eloquent record, his national and international credibility, diplomatic, economic, social and cultural”, wrote leaders of the ruling party and traditional leaders from the South, where Biya comes from.
Among Biya's likely opponents is Joshua Osih, who was elected in February as candidate of the main opposition party, the Social Democratic Front (SDF, English-speaking).
This 49-year-old businessman contest for the Cameroonian presidency, after Ni John Fru Ndi, leader of the SDFand historical opponent to Biya decided to give way to the “young cadets” of the party.
Other prominent opposition candidates, according to analysts, include Transparency International lawyer and former vice president Akere Muna, as well as the president of the Mouvement pour la renaissance du Cameroun (MRC) party, Maurice Kamto.
On October 7, these candidates will seek the 7 year mandate to run the affairs of the troubled West African nation.
Source: Africanews



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