What we offer?

Check out the hottest political predictions, research information on different prognoses, and bet! You will never miss out on your chance of predicting and winning with us. 


Betonpolitics is an open source political prediction platform, where users can place bets on political prognoses. Using information from news sources, wisdom of political thinking, combined with individual skills, users will be able to bet on the outcome of events in world politics.


The end goal for Betonpolitics is to create the leading centralized prediction platform for audiences interested in political betting and maintain a thriving ecosystem of users looking to participate in such experience.


Registration is easy, just sign up in seconds with your email address, receive a 5 bonus and start your betting experience with posted predictions or suggest your own.


We offer a platform that is completely risk free. The more amount you bet on predictions, the higher your chances to win!

Betonpolitics makes it easy for political enthusiasts to turn their interest for headline news into actual money. 


At last, a few words of wisdom to make things clear:


․․․In POLITICS, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can BET it was planned that way. 

- Franklin D. Roosevelt



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