• German firms can't be totally shielded from U.S. Iran move - minister

    “We will help where we can, but there is no way of completely averting the consequences of this unilateral withdrawal.”
  • China to Australia: Remove "coloured glasses" to get ties back on track

    “If the Australian side wishes the bilateral relationship to return to the right track ... then it must abandon traditional thinking and take off its colored glasses,”
  • Foreign media head to North Korea in sign nuclear shutdown will go ahead

    Pyongyang invited a handful of international media to witness the dismantling of the Punggye-ri site some time between May 23 and May 25 but not technical experts.

    Australia should remove its “coloured glasses” to get relations back on track with major trading partner China, the Chinese government’s top diplomat Wang Yi has told his Australian counterpart on the sidelines of a G20 meeting in Argentina.


    A group of roughly two dozen journalists from Western and Chinese news organisations departed for North Korea on Tuesday to witness the closure of its nuclear test site, an indication that the shut-down will go ahead.


    The German government will help German firms with business in Iran where it can, but cannot entirely shield them from the U.S. decision to quit the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions against Tehran, the economy minister told a newspaper.



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